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Disconnected in Mexico

Disconnected in Mexico


Unintentionally (and unfortunately), this blog has slowly shifted into more of a travelogue. If you're tiring of solely travel-focused pieces of past months—fret no more. A new project is underway.

But what's a writer gal to do if most of my year was spent traveling? Write about it, of course!

In that spirit, let's talk about my last trip of 2018.

I returned to the homeland after 6 long years. I went to a place I never visited before—Michoacan.

I spent two weeks in a small village near Morelia, Michoacan. Most of that time I was sans working internet service or wifi. I was fully disconnected.

Without planning it, I took a cell phone detox of sorts. But, I did have other outlets to entertain myself (books, magazines, downloaded Netflix movies, podcasts, playlists). Oh, and my thoughts, too.

Here are some of the things that came to mind during that time—in no particular order.

  • Falling in love with aspects of Mexico. Wanna discover and explore my own country the way I did with so many Asian nations. I'd be remiss if I didn't admit the insecurity factor puts me off a bit. Although I didn’t feel unsafe once during my month in Mex.

  • How fortunate and privileged to have left my mother country for the US. How limiting and restricting life can be in Mexico if one isn’t wealthy.

  • On the other hand, being an immigrant in the US or any other country comes with its perils. Especially if one is undocumented—like the 11 million living in the USA. The most heartbreaking part, in my opinion, is that people go decades without seeing their parents and relatives. Oftentimes parents pass away in Mexico and undocumented immigrants cannot return to bid them farewell.

  • Seeing Mexico w new eyes—older, wiser, clearer. Second world status very apparent with rampant poverty. I found it grim and sad to see elderly and ethnic minorities begging and very young kids selling candy and trinkets on the street. Sigh.

  • Do I ever wanna have kids? Their downsides have only been strengthened in recent times. LOL.

  • The phenomenon of the sex + love recession—and how profoundly it all resonates with me.

Eventually I got a working sim card and did some exploring. Visuals below.

2019-01-02 02.33.30 2.jpg
2019-01-02 02.33.29 1.jpg
2019-01-02 02.24.02 1.jpg
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