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Life of leisure

Life of leisure

Lombok, Indonesia


  1. Use of free time for enjoyment. ‘Free time’ defined as time away from work or duties.

  2. Enrichment of mind, body and soul through dedicated exploration of one’s interests, curiosities and hobbies.

  3. Moments spent focusing on rest and relaxation, for instance self-care.

It’s been a couple weeks since my return to the US of A. I’m living with my parents in a suburban sprawl near Chicago. I don’t have a job. I don’t own a car. I don’t really have a lot of friends in the small town I live in. And I absolutely love it.

I thought like most travelers I met who were returning home I’d experience some degree of reverse culture shock or at the very least feel the post-travel blues syndrome. I surely imagined myself feeling bored to tears, slightly depressed and out of place since most of my friends have jobs, homes, partners, savings accounts and all I have to show for the past three years are pictures, memories and stories.

But it’s actually been a lovely homecoming! I think there are many factors why this is the case. I was tired of backpacking, I craved the warmth of family, I missed my routine and habits and I actually wanted to live a *temporary* suburbanite life after nearly a decade of city dwelling. I also understand I’m living an entirely different lifestyle than my friends and while comparisons are inevitable, I respect their paths and they respect (and even encourage) my way of life.

Now I get to continue living my life of leisure at home. Instead of posh hostels, lit villa parties, idyllic sunsets and international friends, I have stability and balance. I’ve designed a daily routine to fit in exercising, meditating, cooking, spending time with family, working on my writing and creative projects, pampering myself and taking in stimulating entertainment. And of course, I see my friends every couple of weeks when I visit Chicago.

If you’re wondering how the hell I’ve been financing my leisurely pursuits since I left Korea, wonder no more: saving and budgeting*. The last thing I wanted was to be broke and bored after all this time abroad. As a lady of leisure, I have no intention of getting a job any time soon. After all, I’m busy reflecting on 2018 and enriching my life with worthwhile projects and endeavors (major lol! How obnoxious do I sound?!).

*I’m also fortunate because my only expense is the gas I put in my brother’s car (bless his soul for letting me drive it and a big GRACIAS to the parentals for allowing me to live in their home rent-free while buying me all the food I like #blessed).

Catch Up

Right. Now that I’m done rambling about my ridiculous leisurely lifestyle, let’s talk about the end of my travels in Europe. I went from London > Barcelona > Zaragoza > Madrid > Leeds > Wales > London > Amsterdam. It was a great end to my gallivanting. Reunions, picnics and prosecco can sum up my month in Europe quite accurately. Here are the pictures.

What’s Next?

More travel, obviously! I’m reuniting with my two best friends in Bermuda at the end of November. And I’m visiting Mexico in December to baptize my niece and enjoy a family vacation, because as you know, living a life of leisure can become overwhelming and a holiday is essential.

Then next year we’ll get a job to fund our next travel adventure, because we’ve just begun seeing the world.

Sohee’s universality

Sohee’s universality

Adios Asia

Adios Asia