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A glimpse into my book

My first word baby will be out later this month – both in eBook and print format. I wrote it in English and Spanish to honor my origins and pay tribute to my grandpa, Nanito. I’m sharing one of the many special stories he shared with me. This one is close to my heart because it’s a testament to my grandpa's curiosity and willpower. 

Why I wrote a book

This approaching May marks the 5th anniversary since the departure of my querido grandpa, Nanito. He was one of the most important, perhaps the most important man in my life. He meant the world to me. To commemorate his life, I will publish my first word baby as a tribute to his legacy. This book is a labor of love for my grandpa, for my family, for my community, for myself.

The Quinceañera: a Latino celebration of womanhood, family & community

The Quinceañera is a Latino rite of passage celebration steeped with rich history, cultural ties and meaning. Families celebrate young girls turning fifteen or “quince” as a symbolic way to escort them into womanhood. Comparable in production and price to weddings, these coming-of-age soirees wouldn’t be possible without the sponsorship of relatives and close family friends. Quinceañeras might have roots in Latin America but Hispanic families keep the tradition alive across the U.S., with an American touch. 

How your granny helped shape evolution

Have you heard of the Grandmother Hypothesis? According to the theory, grandmothers have played an essential role in helping increase human longevity. How? Because they were able to take care of their offsprings’ growing kids while the mothers cared for the younger children. This system of productivity or what we call an extended family provided an evolutionary advantage to humans. Basically, you should call and thank your granny for their essential role in evolution and life expectancy. How cool huh? I like this hypothesis because it speaks to the importance of old folk.