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Adios ‘Murica, Hellooo Asia!

I recently created a playlist with the theme of change because change is inevitable. We grow up, we become ‘adults’, we get new jobs, we move cities, etc. But changing circumstances can prove to be overwhelmingly difficult and stressful. Change can also be a source of excitement and fulfillment. I even have a tattoo on my wrist to remind me that impermanence is the only true constant in life. Isn’t it cool that everything around and within us is in a constant state of flux? That every living organism is always evolving, from the regenerating cells in our bodies to the cosmos...

Chicago’s Joong Boo Market

I recently ventured to Avondale to explore Joong Boo Market and get my fix on authentic Korean grub. Located in the northwest side between Kimball and Avondale, the Korean grocery store + restaurant easily met and exceeded my expectations. First of all, they have a dumpling stand outside which sells massive buns for $2 apiece. This is my kind of deal! They offer pork, spicy kimchi with pork and red bean fillings. Sadly, I was too excited eating the tasty snacks and forgot to snap pics.