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A glimpse into my book

My first word baby will be out later this month – both in eBook and print format. I wrote it in English and Spanish to honor my origins and pay tribute to my grandpa, Nanito. I’m sharing one of the many special stories he shared with me. This one is close to my heart because it’s a testament to my grandpa's curiosity and willpower. 

How losing language can lead to cultural disconnection

A growing number of Latinos in the U.S. are being raised in households where only English is spoken. This means that in the decades to come a significant number of Latinos will lose their Spanish-speaking abilities. Spanish fluency loss among Latinos hits close to home. I have friends and relatives that are part of this linguistic shift taking place across the U.S. Furthermore, language, specifically Spanish, is important to me because it means a lot more than using it for the sake of communication. Spanish fluency is about culture, identity and relationships.