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The Rosebud Diaries – End of Year Reflections

With 2016 soon coming to a close, I decided to take stock of the past twelve months before setting goals for the new year by writing ‘The Rosebud Diaries.’ In this piece, I share three roses (wins from 2016), three thorns (struggles faced in ‘16) and three buds (hopes for 2017). Here is to acknowledging the good and the bad of the past year, while maintaining a hopeful outlook for 2017. 

How to Cope with Change in 2016

If I've learned anything in my 24 years of existence is that the only constant in life is that nothing ever remains the same. That change is the only thing we can always count on. And the thing is, as humans, we don't tend to love change. We kind of hate it. We resist it because change is hard and painful. But in a beautiful paradox, change is also essential and necessary to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. With that in mind, Viv & I have curated another mixtape to serve as background music and inspiration while you sit down to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead. Join us in setting our intentions for 2016 with the theme of change.