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How losing language can lead to cultural disconnection

A growing number of Latinos in the U.S. are being raised in households where only English is spoken. This means that in the decades to come a significant number of Latinos will lose their Spanish-speaking abilities. Spanish fluency loss among Latinos hits close to home. I have friends and relatives that are part of this linguistic shift taking place across the U.S. Furthermore, language, specifically Spanish, is important to me because it means a lot more than using it for the sake of communication. Spanish fluency is about culture, identity and relationships.   

Mr. Robot – An Artistic Masterpiece

I am very particular and selective when it comes to investing my time into television series. I am aware there is a plethora of fantastic shows out there. But I rather stay away from them because when I find a show that I enjoy, it’s game over. I instantly become obsessed. It’s all I think about. It’s all I want to do. It becomes unhealthy. To retain my sanity, I try not to get into TV shows at all. It’s kind of the same approach I use for dating – I largely avoid it for my own benefit. I have better things in which I want to focus my energy, all right. Aside from Broad City and Portlandia, I prefer movies and documentaries because they are usually a 2-hour commitment. I haven’t lost my mind over a show since Breaking Bad (okay fine, maybe Doctor Who too. Don’t judge me). Until I watched Mr. Robot… Twenty minutes into the pilot, I was ready to commit to a long-term relationship and even marry this series!