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Hispanic or Latino, which label is it?

In the US, the terms ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’ are used interchangeably to refer to specific ethnic groups. But do you know the difference? More importantly, is there a difference? If so, which term is politically correct (as in which label do these communities prefer)? Where did these terms originate from and why do they matter? As a Mexican-American, I belong to these umbrella terms and I confess that at one point in time I didn’t know or care about the difference between these words. This topic is more relevant than ever before since 54 million Americans, about 17% of the overall population, trace their roots to Latin America or Spain. In today’s blog post, I provide my humble perspective and answer these questions.

America, The Melting Pot... Or is it?

I am inherently interested in race, ethnicity, cultural differences and social issues related to the Hispanic community due to my Mexican background. During my undergraduate years, I studied what it means to be a Latino in the U.S. and how identities of Latino-Americans are formed. I was fascinated! I gained an academic understanding of why people of Latino descent feel and think the way they do, myself included. I remember sitting in my LALS 103 (Introduction to Latino Urban Studies) class, absorbing and identifying with the complexities of being a Latino or “minority” in the U.S. I felt that my own feelings, doubts and frustrations were voiced. And there was plenty of credible research behind it! I felt empowered. One of the major reasons why is started this blog is to explore the curiosity and passion I feel for such topics. In this post, I turn the spotlight around – What does it mean to be Caucasian or White in the U.S.?