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Bougie in Bermuda

Bougie in Bermuda

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After three long years of distance and separation, the triple Rs - Rachael, Rebeca + Rocio - were reunited again in time for Thanksgiving. In affluent Bermuda, no less.

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In the years that transpired, Rach and I did see each other in China, but I hadn’t seen Bec since late 2015.


Bermuda is a small island (population: 65K) in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its beautiful pink beaches, the Bermuda triangle enigma and colorful Bermuda shorts. Oh, and offshore money.

While I had already paid Bec a visit in her idyllic but very expensive home years before, I was uber excited for this getaway because I’d finally meet her baby. She didn’t stay too still while I was living in Korea.


The trip had an extra layer of meaning because we were celebrating American Thanksgiving. Obviously, I was grateful to see my best friends, stay in a beautiful home worthy of being featured in a design magazine and continuing to travel. Oh, and being classy and posh at Bec’s social club while enjoying afternoon tea.


The whole luxurious lifestyle suited a woman of leisure like myself perfectly.

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As soon as the three of us were together again, we resumed our usual friendship dynamic. Rach and I bicker like sisters and Bec takes on the motherly role, lovingly putting us in our place. In essence she was honing in her mothering skills with us all these years. You’re welcome, Bec.


It took a few days for baby Axel to warm up to Rach and I but he smiled and even let me hold him toward the end. Winning. I’m sure he can sense how fun of an aunt I’m going to be.


Unfortunately we didn’t do any beach days because the weather wasn’t that stable or sunny as November is the onset of winter. But I didn’t mind it too much since I spent about 4 months of 2018 bumming it by the beach. How did you spend this year? LOL.


After a delightful week together, we vowed to have at least a yearly reunion because three years is far too long. Oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to keep traveling.

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