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The best of [my] 2017

The best of [my] 2017


It’s that time again: looking back at another year gone by. To bid 2017 farewell, here’s an eclectic year-end list of my personal highlights. Surely 2017 wasn’t easy with all the world drama and disasters that transpired but these things, places and people brightened it up for me. Here’s to hoping 2018 treats us all a lil better.

Everything I ate in Japan

2017-10-12 02.46.19 1.jpg

Ah, Japan… Can’t think of that trip without a satisfied smile filling my face. Everything I saw, did and ate was a highlight. But for a ramen aficionado like myself, Japan was gastronomic dream come true. 

Buscabulla’s “Tartaro”


This synth pop ode to Frankie Ruiz is sensual and modern but does salsa just right. Check out the video for major 80s vibes. Also, just check out the angel duo behind this musical project who happen to be a couple… #goals

A visitor in Daegu!


In the 2 years I’ve spent in Korea, I’ve only had one visitor—my cousin Izzy who stopped by for a mere 24 hours. But in that short amount of time I showed him a little bit about my life here and we had a blast partying.

Game of Thrones 

game of thrones chair.jpg

I’m six years late to the party but binge-watching GOT from the very beginning in a month’s time was a true delight. I usually have an aversion to shows that the entire world seems to be watching and raving about. But… I get it, the hype is actually very real.

Writing, writing, writing


As you may know I’m quite committed to making this writing career thing work in the long-term aka make a comfortable living from it. I’m happy to report that in 2017 I contributed to more outlets (Daegu Compass, Groove, Bracket, Sounds & Colours, to name a few) and actually started getting paid for some of my work. Very humble amounts, but baby steps, right?

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar


There aren’t enough compliments I could write about this record. Just listen to it and find out for yourself. I especially love Yah. and Pride.

Creative collaborations


I teamed up with several creatives this year to make some cool projects, but my fave one was Catharsis—an event filled with art that served to launch my self-published book. About 70 people attended the occasion to soak up poetry, music, dance and visual art.



Enough said. These adorable furry creatures live in many parts of China but I spotted them in Chengdu. You should too.

Esther Perel’s wisdom


I like to think of 2017 as the year I took an intensive course on interpersonal relationships led by badass Esther Perel. Her research and insight into modern relationships is illuminating and gives me life.

I’m an aunt, again!

I already have 2 lovely nephews but now I’m the proud aunt of a baby girl, too. Her name is Camila and I’ll have the pleasure of meeting (and holding) her in a couple weeks when I visit Chicago.

Mari Andrew’s IG account

life in 3 acts.jpg

If you want to go down an Insta rabbit hole, I highly suggest checking out Mari Andrew’s personal illustrations about life, love and everything in between. They are filled with a refreshing vulnerability that moves me every time.

Students that are obsessed with me


Narcissistic much? Indeed. But I love love okay? And it’s nice to be showered with it by my adorable students. I guess I am going to miss aspects of this teaching thing after all.

Creative Independent interviews


I’m obsessed with reading of all sorts—books, magazines, articles, interviews. I especially love the thoughtful artist interviews by the creative independent. There’s just something about getting a glimpse into the minds of successful creators that I find incredibly inspiring.



If you’re a tabs queen like me (I usually keep an average of 5 open at once ;) this chrome extension will be v helpful. It collapses your gazillion tabs into a neat little list that helps with extending battery power and you know, declutter.

2017 in Review

2017 in Review

Anais Martinez: Gastronomic Extraordinaire

Anais Martinez: Gastronomic Extraordinaire