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Words you’ve never heard of but should know [part II]

Words you’ve never heard of but should know [part II]

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Words. Palabras. Parole. 말. They play an essential role in our lives because they comprise language, the medium we use to communicate. In part II of obscure words you should know, I share 16 more words that resonate deeply with me. Because from time to time, we all need help to convey our overly abstract feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Enjoy a worldly journey through the powerful way of words. Find part I here

1 – firgun

2 – orenda

3 – rasasvada

4 – resfeber

5 – weltanschauung

6 – hygge 

7 – atermoiments

8 – sehnsucht

9 – tsundoku

10 – numinous  

11 – vorfreude

12 – tacenda

13 – koi no yokan

14 – ostranenie

15 – sillage

16 – cafune  

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