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Words you’ve never heard of but should know

Words you’ve never heard of but should know

Worldly words you should make part of your vocabulary

Words. They have the power to convey profound meaning, inflict great joy and also cause us immense pain. Through them, we can form lifelong connections or irreversibly damage relationships. Sometimes, the words left unsaid impact us deeper than the ones we speak. Whether we utter them or not, words play a significant role in the fabric of our existences.

Yet, sometimes we find ourselves at loss for them, unable to describe a feeling, thought or idea. Enter the blog OtherWorldly, which bestows us with words for the unspeakable, the transient and the almost magical such as “terms for the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees, for dancing awkwardly but with relish, for the look shared by two people who each wish the other would speak first.”

Below, I’ve picked my favorite 20 – the ones that resonate with me most. Experience a worldly journey through the simple but powerful way of words.

1 – sankofa

2 – erlebnisse

3 – metanoia

4 – hiraeth

5 – natsukashii

6 – saudade  

7 – kairos

8 – mamihlapinatapai

9 – gotong-royong

10 – sophrosyne

11 – sapiosexual

12 – koyaanisqatsi

13 – convivencia

14 – gezelling

15 – sobremesa


16 – fernweh

17 – ah shee oom

18 – quaintrelle

19 – derive

20 – actalepsy

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