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Zenning out solo in Japan

Zenning out solo in Japan

Female solo traveler in Kyoto, Japan

Last month I finally had the pleasure of going to Japan. I’ve had my eyes set on visiting the majestic place that gave the world sushi ever since I got into Zen Buddhism during my student years. I was curious to experience what it’s like to be in a country whose ethos is rooted in mindfulness. I’m happy to report that it was everything I expected and then some. It’s impossible for me to think of my holiday without immediately wearing a cheesy grin on my face and gushing about its splendor, like a true fangirl would.

Unlike my summer trip to China, I visited Japan sans company. Only me, myself and moi. This proved to be quite the adventure as solo travel usually is. Japan was a little taste of the big journey that awaits me in a three months (!!!) , when my time in Korea comes to a close.

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During my week-long stay, I visited Osaka and Kyoto. I went to Osaka to eat. No, seriously. This city is known as ‘The kitchen of Japan’ and it’s true. Delicious food was everywhere and I only wish I had two stomachs so I would have been able to indulge more.

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I spent the majority of my time in Kyoto, a traditional and serene city known for geisha, temples and zen gardens. Here is where the proper zenning and blissing out took place.

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But while Kyoto was loads of fun, it also served to be a contemplative and meditative kind of vacation. This city exudes a sublime calmness and tranquility. It's blissfully quiet and harmonious here – the perfect vibe to behold the dizzying amount of temples, shrines and traditional gardens Kyoto boasts.

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If you get the pleasure of paying a visit to this charming place, do yourself a favor and don't rush. Slow down and set time aside to actually take it all in. After all, remember this is ~presence~ country! 

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